Monthly Archives: July 2010

Welcome to Nerd Redefined

This is the inaugural post of a little blog called Nerd Redefined. A blog that we hope won’t be little for long. If you look to the About and the Meet the Authors sections, you will learn a little about what the blog is about and short biographies of the authors- DeRawk and SFTheory1.

Here is a brief rundown of what is coming first week:

SFTheory has a brief review of China Mieville’s Kraken

DeRawk gives his take on the motion control debate

SFTheory analyzes the anime series Cowboy Bepop

And finally, DeRawk begins part one of his NFL 2010 Season predictions (covering the AFC and NFC East).

We plan on posting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. SFTheory takes Monday and Thursday and DeRawk takes Tuesday and Friday.

A brief about our commenting policy: Trolls are not allowed. No offensive language (you can use foul words, but you can’t offend). No hateful or bigoted language (no epithets targeting race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality). This includes calling things you don’t like or think are stupid “gay.” If you violate the policy, your comment will be deleted. But I hope we won’t have to do that.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy what we post!